My name is Danielle Garza and I also go by the moniker “Ellierex.” I am a Los Angeles-based mixed media and installation artist, primarily working in abstract forms. Wildly swirled colors and kaleidoscopic designs of a psychedelic nature are the outcome of my painting, redefining the medium of handmade paper marbling. To make marbled paper, aqueous surface painting techniques are used to produce patterns similar to smooth marble or other kinds of stone.

Within my printmaking practice, I revitalize traditional paper marbling techniques by incorporating my own unique methods in addition to concepts of automatic painting. This hybrid of combining history and contemporary aesthetic creates a space where viewers minds can truly wander and feel connected to the past, present and future. Viewers are enticed to get up close and personal, as I have, with a contemplative or escapist experience.     

Among my creative achievements are large-scale installation public artworks, album covers for recording artists, print design for film and television, and exhibitions throughout galleries across the United States. I have works in private collections in New York City, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Sweden, and Australia.