Art & Creative Direction - Colours In Nature 2019 - Multi-Room Installation Public Art Series

Colours In Nature” is an 11-room public art installation series that exhibited in Hong Kong Times Square in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong— a cultural destination with approx 150,000 visitors traveling through the location per day.

Incorporating symbolism and fengshui principals, the concept for this installation series was to include a variety of elements found in nature as traveled through the color spectrum. Emulating natural atmospheres and landscapes through a wide use of materials, we created immersive experiences designed to stimulate the senses and tap into the joy of the natural world. We did our best to use mostly reusable/recyclable, donation and rented materials.

Room themes ranged from Animals to Desert, Waterfall, Crystals, Snow, Green Plants, Rainbow, Moon, Sun, Flowers and Clouds… creating a truly unique experience varying from room-to-room. We hoped to bring a message to visitors that nature is our most precious treasure, which surrounds us, cares for us and nourishes us in every moment— and it is essential for us to preserve nature for our future generations.


Gig Poster Screenprint -  My Bloody Valentine @ Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall - Signed and numbered 18x24” on 100lb black matte w metallic glitter paint finish. Limited edition.


Art & Creative Direction -  FYF Fest 2018 - Music Festival Official Lineup Announcement + Poster Print

Project Designer and Post-Production Graphic Design. Handmade cassette tapes and installation including hand-marbled tablecloth, plants, boombox, and various objects. 12 ft x 27 ft x 4 ft. Online and print publications. Photography and Post-Production by Andy Windak.


Art & Creative Direction -  FYF Fest 2017 - Music Festival Official Lineup Announcement + Poster Print

Project Designer and Post-Production Editing. Handprinted/painted mural and living installation including live trees, plants, dog and various objects. 10 ft x 20 ft x 10 ft. Online and print publications.

From FYF: "This year's artwork was hand-created, sourced and styled by local artist Danielle Garza, sign painters Lauren McElroy and Jessica Cowley, illustrator Luke McGarry, photographer Tod Seelie, and the FYF team. Inspiration was drawn from the iconic posters and color-way gradients of the now-shuttered Colby Poster Printing Company, a staple of Los Angeles promotional posters. We grew up seeing these posters all over the city and the aesthetic has always been synonymous with Los Angeles."