Danielle Garza, dubbed “Ellierex" is a Los Angeles-based mixed media artist. Her creative vision is distinct- wildly colorful and of a psychedelic nature. Her collages are a glimpse into surrealist fantasy worlds typically made with found paper and enhanced with Garza's handmade paper marbling: an aqueous surface painting-technique which can produce patterns similar to smooth marble or other kinds of stone.

Unlike many contemporary collage artists, Garza often combines an epoxy resin coating technique in between layers of collage and painting, depicting a three-dimensional quality and an illusionary texture to each labor-intensive piece of her work. Through combining some or all of these mediums, Garza entices viewers to get up close and personal into a contemplative or escapist experience.                     

Among her creative achievements, Garza has designed large-scale installation public artwork, album covers for recording artists, print design for film and television, and has exhibited work throughout galleries across the U.S. 

- LeBasse Projects, 2017